Spring Renewal

Aah Spring! Spring is a time of renewal in nature. It also instills a sense of renewal in our body and mind. What can we do to nurture a feeling of change in our life?

First, Get Moving. It's time to go outside. A short walk allows you to feel the warmth of the sun, be inspired by the bloom colors returning and it gets your body used to moving again.

Next, Increase your energy. Use the new energy of Spring to increase your energy! This is a good time to get back to an exercise or sport that you love or try a new one. It is time to get back in good cardio health and improve muscle strength for all its many benefits. Pilates can help in so many areas especially in prevention of back strain if you are a gardener or sports enthusiast.

Shed the heaviness of Winter. Finding ways to play, laugh, and have fun helps shift the mood of your mind. This is especially true during these currently stressful times. Observing nature around you can invoke a lightness of being and renewed hope. Meditation can also help with decreasing stress.

Look for ways to bring freshness into your life. This can include eating lighter, fresh whole foods. I will be sharing ways to improve your diet, doing a 10 day cleanse, and making other small lifestyle changes in future entries. Stay tuned. And Happy Spring!