Got Fruits and Veggies?

We all are aware that we are suppose to consume more fruits and vegetables than we do. There are many reasons for this. Making healthy food choices can be difficult if we are in a hurry, if we are addicted to sugar, salt and fats, if we eat out often and don't cook at home. Health organizations state we are suppose to be getting 7-9 servings a day just to maintain health and up to 13 servings to improve health. What can we do?

Three and a half years ago I asked myself what I could do to improve the amounts of fruits and vegetables in my diet. I didn't have any health challenges and I ate pretty well but I knew I wasn't getting enough of the right nutrition that helps to repair my cells and helps my body produce healthier cells. These phytonutrients are only in fruits and veggies. They are called micronutrients. I have also always known the importance of "eating the rainbow". This way you are getting a huge variety of the micronutrients that all have an effect on the different cells of our bodies. 

I am so grateful to have found a solution! Whole food in a capsule! I kid you not! I now supplement a good diet with the whole food of 30 fruits and vegetables every day. I am so happy to have an affordable, simple and convenient way to have peace of mind about my nutrition. Whats more, this product and company satisfied the sceptic in me by the scientific gold standard studies showing its bioavailability, how it decreases inflammation markers, increases immune function and other profound health benefits having to do with heart health, skin and gums, DNA protection and even its effectiveness at improving our micro biome.

If you would like more information about this answer to poor eating habits check out my links on the website or message me on FB. I would love to help you feel your best and have the energy for all the things you love to do!


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Welcome to the new website