About Pilates Balance In Motion

What is Pilates?

Pilates is an innovative mind-body exercise developed by Joseph Pilates over 90 years ago that continues to evolve. The Pilates Method strengthens the deep abdominal muscles, along with the muscles closest to the spine. Control of the core is achieved by integrating the trunk, pelvis and shoulder girdle. Utilizing specially designed spring loaded equipment and performing the Mat work series, the Pilates repertoire addresses muscular and structural imbalances by promoting healthy spine and joint alignment. This in turn creates a more fluid, dynamic and efficient movement of the body.


Imagine an exercise that

  • is fun to do

  • gives you energy but relaxes your mind

  • improves strength, flexibility, balance, posture and body control

  • is low impact but can help increase bone density

  • can help relieve many kinds of back pain

Imagine more…

  • an exercise that helps you be better at the sports and activities you love to do

  • an exercise that helps you feel better in your body no matter what your age or fitness level

  • an exercise that decelerates the signs and symptoms of aging

About Christina Albetta

Christina Albetta with her dog.

Christina Albetta with her dog.

Christina Albetta, owner of Pilates Balance in Motion, has been inspiring healthy living and its benefits all her life. She has been teaching Pilates for twenty years. Previously trained and licensed as a registered nurse and certified in massage therapy, she has an excellent understanding of the body. After her introductory Pilates training in Boulder, Colorado in early 1996, she continued her education receiving her Physical Mind Institute Certification & completed the Polestar Education Rehabilitation Curriculum. Having attended workshops with many original Master trainers, she is able to offer a Pilates experience which blends classic Pilates apparatus and instruction with the latest in Pilates theory.

Along with experience in yoga, meditation, other forms of movement, familiarity with both allopathic and natural modes of medicine, and nutrition, her background brings a holistic approach to her teaching.


At Pilates Balance in Motion, Christina's mission is to assist each client in realizing his or her personal goals for mind/body health and well being.

Christina places an emphasis on providing assistance for personal growth, better nutrition and empowering each individual to move towards achieving a happier life.

Her caring and skillful approach encourages and inspires the very best in everyone.


I love Pilates Balance in Motion. Pilates keeps me limber, focused and energized at the age of eighty. Christina ensures each student receives individualized attention whether taking private or small group classes.

~ Muriel J.

My physical therapist recommended adding Pilates to my regular exercise routine. After looking at several studios I selected Pilates Balance in Motion. I have learned a lot and know I made the right decision. I enjoy instruction tailored to my needs in a soothing atmosphere. Christina is the best!

~ Sharon A.

Pilates with Christina has enabled me to ease into my senior years with the strength and confidence to remain active and enjoy the challenging activities the Colorado high country offers. Her small classes afford lots of individual attention and gentle prodding to be the best we can be. It is the best gift I give myself.

~ Marianne K.

I appreciate that no matter what piece of equipment we're using Christina changes up the routine to keep it interesting.

~ Doyen M.


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